Professional License Defense Lawyer

Professional License Defense Lawyer – MA

The Division of Professional Licensure oversees 38 boards of registration within the Commonwealth, which license and regulate individuals and businesses in some 167 trades and professions. A professional license defense lawyer defense represents clients facing prosecution by the board.

Professional licenses are highly regulated and licensees must adhere to a strict set of regulations as outlined by the various boards that oversee their conduct.  When a licensed professional faces disciplinary action, the consequences can be life altering, and in some cases, criminal action is taken. Professional License Defense Lawyer in Worcester MA

Benefits to Hiring a License Defense Lawyer

Attorney Celozzi is a FORMER PROSECUTOR and now a Professional License Defense Lawyer in Worcester MA and Milford MA.

It is imperative to hire a knowledgeable and experienced attorney to guide you through every stage of this process.  This process is governed by the principles of Administrative law, which is very different from civil litigation.  The Board who controls your license will conduct an investigation.  It is then determined whether your case will be dismissed, resolved or prosecuted.  If the Board decides to prosecute, an order to show cause will be issued and you will have to file an answer and a request a hearing within 21 days.  This process is extremely time sensitive and it’s best to rely on an attorney who is familiar with the various rules and regulations.

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