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Traffic Violations/Motor Vehicle Offense Appeals

Traffic violations are often non-criminal offenses that feature penalties including fines and license suspension. Traffic violations can significantly impact your ability to drive. If you have received a ticket for any type of traffic violation in the State of Massachusetts, ensure your driving record is protected by consulting with a qualified personal attorney who will fight for you.

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Traffic Violation in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, if you receive a traffic ticket, it is important to respond with your decision in a timely manner. If you wish to appeal, the response must be received within 20 days from the date of the ticket being issued for a non-criminal offense and 4 days for a criminal offense. Mark the appeal box located on the ticket and mail back as quickly as possible. It is important to note, the RMV will consider a payment as an admission if you pay any amount towards the fine. This leaves the option for a hearing no longer available.

Motor Vehicle Appeal

When appealing a traffic violation in Worcester, Massachusetts, you will be scheduled a clerk’s magistrate hearing. During this hearing, you or your attorney can argue the case. If successful at convincing the clerk to dismiss the ticket, the case will be over. In some cases, the ticket may be reduced which means you are responsible for surchargeable events and insurance surcharge points. If the clerk magistrate finds you responsible, you are given the option to appeal their finding in front of a judge.

When appealing in front of a judge, the officer who issued the motor vehicle ticket must appear. In almost all instances, the ticket is dismissed by the judge if the officer fails to appear. However, if the officer does appear, you are given the opportunity for you or your attorney to question him or her as well as offer evidence arguing the case.

Work with a Qualified Motor Vehicle Violation Attorney

In addition to the negative impact on your driving record, a motor vehicle violation can result in significant fines, significant increases on car insurance premiums, revocation or suspension of Massachusetts driving license and/or jail time.

Attorney Jillian N. Celozzi understands the negative impact that a traffic violation may have on your daily life. She thoroughly examines the specific circumstances of each citation. Attorney Celozzi works closely with her clients to ensure that as much evidence as possible is gathered prior to their clerk magistrate hearing. She has the experience needed to present a convincing argument to the clerk on the day of the hearing. Moreover, if appealing the decision of the clerk magistrate, she advocates on her client’s behalf in from of the judge.

If you received a traffic violation in Massachusetts, speak with an experienced traffic ticket lawyer in Worcester to discuss your options. Contact the Law Office of Jillian N. Celozzi today for a consultation.